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What we understand by functional performance.

Functional is booming. A distinction has to be made between the services provided by a stand-alone functional machine and real concepts. This is, after all, the secret of success for the correct use of functional performance. gym80 supports you directly with this. With comprehensive, tailored concepts that have been drawn up by sports scientists. Functional performance, as we understand it and provide it, develops an incredible level of dynamism. Trained trainers look after your clients. This ensures a high level of personal contact with clients. Regularly. And with excellent satisfaction. Whether you offer one-to-one, group or personal training. The gym becomes a unique, highly emotional place. Clients are highly motivated, enjoy themselves and encourage each other. But so that the trainer can also teach the clients, customers can also train independently. Intensive support and high training quality reap rewards. Your clients feel happy and very well looked-after. They form more emotional, stronger and more long-term bonds with your facility. 

Our Functional Performance Portfolio.

The Iron Qube is the centrepiece of the Functional Performance range. Around it is a whole series of specialist training equipment and accesories. It allows torso stability to be trained as well as enabling efficient whole-body training. without any need whatsoever for sequence training equipment, either for single-user training or group training

Even more functional performance for your gym. The patented Glute Builder. 5 training stations on an area of just 2 m². With optional elastic straps to allow regressive and progressive training on the Glute Builder.

The classic, compact Half Rack with many additional functions. Like the pull-up station with two different grip options. And pins for the use of elastic straps to progress every exercise.

Our extensive accessories provide you with an even wider range of options and variation in functional performance training. Our Jump Box³ for plyometric training is just one of many examples.

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