Your partner, our company.

The Ruhr Valley has shaped who we are. Honest work and genuine relationships are deep-rooted in us. What matters here is what we do, and a handshake still counts for a lot. We want to offer you open and honest advice. We don't want to just sell you anything, we want to sell you what's right for you. We don't just want customers, we want partners. And we give our all to achieve this. Every day, we take a critical look at ourselves and our products. Our aim is simple: to achieve unassailable quality.

Simal Yilmaz, CEO

What we believe in.

We believe in strong partnerships, from which everyone profits. This is why we offer you just under 300 pieces of equipment that will last a very long time, the most varied training options, excellent value for money, customisable padding and stitching, extensive accessories and cooperation agreements with first-class partners. We also believe that we need to take every individual requirement into account. And that you must always continue to develop. We can even offer you advice during the design of your system. And provide you with education and training opportunities in the gym80 Academy.

What you can rely on.

In 1980, we started to write the story of a completely new standard of training quality. At that time, our focus was not on economic concerns. Our impetus was simply to make training better, more enjoyable and more efficient. This impetus continues today and is reflected in every one of our products. Excellent biomechanics, craftsman precision, clear design - everything that is associated with gym80 today began back in 1980. And it has been part of gym80's DNA ever since.


The place, where we love to do everything ourselves.

“Made in Germany” symbolises our commitment to Germany as a base and to uncompromising quality. This motto has helped us become a globally successful manufacturer of fitness, medical and high-performance equipment. At our premises in Gelsenkirchen, you will not only find our showroom, but also our production facilities, where man and machine, high tech and craftsmanship come together to create something truly unique. Our in-house manufacturing rate is over 90%. Visit our production facilities and our showroom. Arrange a meeting with us now:  +49 (0) 209 97064-0.

Watch here our production in action in our film.

The best reasons to choose gym80.

Over 35 Years
Since 1980 we have focused solely on making training more effective, more varied and more enjoyable. There are the principles on which gym80 is based, and it is this ideology that continues to shape the way we do our business. Day after day.

FIFTEEN Times No. 1
For the 15th time, we took first place in the bodyLIFE Award in the power training equipment category. This is a unique achievement. And precisely what we're aiming for, when owners say that gym80 builds the best muscle training equipment in the world.

gym80 ist dreizehn Mal die Nummer eins

There's nothing generic about your company. Nor about our equipment. We offer you the option to customise the frame colour, trim, padding type, padding colour and padding seamwork. And if you need something truly individual, we can develop, design and build customised training equipment based on the customer's wishes.

There are training demands that you may not yet even be aware of. We've got the solutions for these and the equipment to go with them. We already have over 250 pieces of equipment for muscle training alone. For fitness, medical applications and performance. This makes us unique worldwide.

Made in Germany
The best thing that can happen to a product is to be made in Germany - a country where high-tech meets craftsmanship. We manufacture your equipment exclusively in Germany from German steel with German components. It is designed and built by specialist engineers, craftsmen, lasers, robots and a great deal of passion.

How can we make the best equipment even better? With the best service ever: personalised advice, after-sales support and straightforward guarantee and goodwill processes. All this can be obtained by calling: +049(0)209-970640.

Endless performance
75% of all the equipment we have made is still performing brilliantly every day. A considerable proportion of this equipment has been delivering outstanding service for almost 35 years, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

gym80 Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal
For our frames, we use steel that is up to 4 mm thick and steel that is up to 15 mm thick for our plates. Large parts of the steel are specially made for us in accordance with our specifications. This enables us to guarantee you the best possible durability and a product lifetime that is second to none.

Warranty as our quality promise.

Our equipment has a particularly long service life and is low maintenance. You won't have to invest in much more than a cleaning cloth and the odd drop of oil for the moving parts. Our warranties prove how confident we are in the durability of our products. A lifetime warranty is not only reassuring but also a mark of our quality promise to you.


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