PURE KRAFT Pullover-machine

NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! At FIBO 2019 we introduce to the market the result of a 2-year collaboration with Andreas and Alexander Pürzel (Intelligent Strength) - the PURE KRAFT-NO BULLSHIT. Line! Now, we’ve just been nominated for the NEWard of the bodyLIFE in the category "product novelty of the year" with the PURE KRAFT-NO BULLSHIT line! We are very happy and we hope for your support!

NEW STRATEGIC ALLIANCE BETWEEN DYACO INTERNATIONAL AND GYM80 Dyaco International has announced a new global partnership agreement with gym80 in a strategic move to strengthen the commercial offering of both companies to the fitness and medical markets. This strategic alliance brings together two formidable companies, enabling collaboration and the sharing of infrastructure, resources and expertise. Both established world-class manufacturers with strong bases throughout Europe and Asia will together form a powerful partnership ideally placed to provide a compelling, comprehensive portfolio of brands and products.

gym80 thanks all friends & partners who visited us! Also a big thank you to all who participated - you were great. #teamgym80 #fibo2018 #purekraft #gold #kraftmaschine Henning Baum, Ralf Möller, Sophia Thiel, Pumping Ercan, Intelligent Strength, Flying Uwe, Smartgains, McFIT, Venice Beach, Isabel Glück, isi_glueck, Sat1, Deniz Aytekin, Flavio Simonetti, Breitester Pastor Deutschlands - Marcus Schneider, Janine Kunze, FITSEVENELEVEN, Rocka Nutrition, World Fitness Day, MWE Edelstahlmanufaktur, Smilodox, GA Shaker Plus … We look forward to the FIBO 2019!  

Henning Baum and the Pürzel Brothers bring even more muscle power to the game In 2018, the equipment manufacturers from Gelsenkirchen are focusing fully on the essentials - namely the subject of strength. And it's not just because this year's motto for FIBO - "KRAFTMASCHINE" - is a clear acknowledgement of the company's own origins. The company from the Ruhr region has also brought on board the actor Henning Baum (who can be seen in cinemas as "Luke the Engine Driver" from 29.03) and the athletes and authors Andreas and Alexander Pürzel ("Intelligent Strength") with their muscle strength, training expertise and tremendous passion for the subject of weight training

FIBO 2018 – We are ready to go! March has arrived and FIBO is getting closer. So of course, we are geting ready for the world’s biggest trade show for fitness, wellness and health! And of course, want our partners and friends to spend four great days together with us in the wonderful city of Cologne.


For more mobility and a heightened sense of well being. The innovative multi station solution for mobility training. Space saving, effective and high-quality processed.

The latest-generation gym80 software. Training software is good and useful nowadays if it can do more than managing and documenting, if it can create links. Computers with equipment, equipment with clients, clients with trainers, trainers with gym managers, gym managers with clients – in other words: it has to link all of the people involved with a gym. Just like the latest-generation gym80 software. It also offers apps for targeted customer dialogue. It was created in collaboration with our strategic partners aktivKONZEPTE AG. Fitness studios and rehabilitation centers, physiotherapists and trainers can all benefit from it. The gym80 software can also transform your existing equipment into a fully digital training zone.

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