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Thursday, 29. March 2018

Henning Baum and the Pürzel Brothers bring even more muscle power to the game

In 2018, the equipment manufacturers from Gelsenkirchen are focusing fully on the essentials - namely the subject of strength. And it's not just because this year's motto for FIBO - "KRAFTMASCHINE" - is a clear acknowledgement of the company's own origins. The company from the Ruhr region has also brought on board the actor Henning Baum (who can be seen in cinemas as "Luke the Engine Driver" from 29.03) and the athletes and authors Andreas and Alexander Pürzel ("Intelligent Strength") with their muscle strength, training expertise and tremendous passion for the subject of weight training


For Henning Baum, it's "Once gym80, always gym80"

The Essen-born actor Henning Baum has himself been training for over 30 years. He is not only linked to the company through friendship, but he is also a huge fan of gym80 products. "Once you've experienced the feeling of training on gym80 equipment, you'll never want to use equipment from another manufacturer again", says Baum.

Henning Baum's trademark has always been his athletic physique: his many years of training really show. As a "child of the Ruhr region", he is also a strong supporter of the values of the gym80 brand: "I identify with this company 100 per cent: authentic, with corners and edges, but sincere and honest through and through", says Henning Baum on his representative role for the brand.


Strength and skill - nobody outshines the Pürzel brothers

Andreas and Alexander Pürzel (32 and 34) are known well beyond the city limits of their home town of Vienna thanks to their gym, known simply as "Das Gym". The pair are exemplary power lifters and bodybuilders and have earned a name for themselves on the circuit with their "Intelligent Strength" concept. The skills they have acquired through numerous training courses and which they have expanded with their own experiences are regularly demonstrated in presentations and reference books.

The pair have chosen their favourites in this sector in the plate-loaded equipment in the PURE KRAFT series: "The PURE KRAFT range from gym80 is uncompromising, smart and perfect for ambitious weight trainers", says Alexander Pürzel who became European Deadlift Champion in 2017. His brother Andreas, also a natural bodybuilder, confirms this: "All of the advantages that equipment can offer are right here!"

Andreas and Alexander Pürzel will be supporting gym80 in future with their expertise and experience from the fields of training science and weight training. This also includes helping to develop and improve the company's products.


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